B & B Sprinklers


Residential Lawn Sprinkler Repair Services

Since 1997 B & B Sprinklers has provided professional solutions for all components that make up an optimized home irrigation system. You can count on us for an honest assessment of your needs and an affordable solution. A well optimized sprinkler system will ensure the most efficient use of your power and water requirements.

Below are a few of the many services and solutions we provide:

  • Lawn sprinkler design & installation

  • Broken sprinkler pipe repair

  • Timer installation and repair / servicing

  • Sprinkler valve locator & repair service

  • Fix sprinkler well pump

  • Irrigation coverage services

  • Drip irrigation / bubbler installation

  • Garden irrigation systems

  • City Reclaimed Water Installation

    • Clearwater reclaimed sprinkler installation

    • Palm Harbor reclaimed sprinkler installation

    • Dunedin reclaimed sprinkler installation

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